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Multifunction Universal Socket Tool Set- T-Handle, Double Ended Screw-Driving Bit & Power Drill Adapter Set For Nuts, Hooks, Square, Hex, Caps & More

#FLY279393 ថែជើង ដៃ និង ក្រចក Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$14.99   $14.24 App Only

Membership Price: $14.24 (Save 5%)
  • COMPLETE & PORTABLE TOOLS: Enhance your toolbox with universal tools. Our set comes complete with a bat T-handle that features a steady grip and a quick changer-head, a universal pin socket for easy screwing of multiple screw-types, a double drill bit with Philips & Flat as well as a power drill adaptor for the universal socket.
  • UNIVERSAL SOCKET FOR MULTIPLE SCREW TYPES: Enjoy the high versatility of our universal socket and use it for butterfly, square, hex, nut, cap, eye or hook-type screws, effortlessly. Mount the socket on your power drill for extra convenience, with the power drill adaptor.
  • MIGHTY DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Our universal socket sports a stainless steel construction with 43 individual spring pins made of hardened steel. These pins adjust and adhere to the various shapes of screws, and provide you with a universal compatibility that saves big on time and eliminates guesswork for DIY fixes around the house.
  • T HANDLE WITH SECURE GRIP: Our set comes with a T handle that offers an anti-slip grip for easily getting the job done. Keep it in any tool box around the house, and if you do not have any special tools at home, you can use our T handle to easily tighten up any loose screws, way easier than using a standard screwdriver.
  • DOUBLE HEADED SCREW BIT: Equipped with both a Philips and a Flat/ Slotted tip, you can adapt our screw driving bit into the handle, or simply equip it in your power drill. Having this versatile double tipped bit always comes in handy when you deal with the most common types of screw heads.
  • 【特殊设计】 – 多用扳手适配器,适合标准 公制 9毫米至 21 毫米的螺丝,扭矩不超过 450 纳米,可满足您所有的需求
  • 【铬钒钢】 - 每个插口包含 43 个钢弹簧插头。采用铬锌钢,硬度可达 56HRC;热处理表面提供强韧防锈性能。
  • ✅ 【通用】 – 可以调整为拧下大多数公制、翼螺母、破裂螺母、眼螺栓、方形螺母、六角形等
  • 【可调节功能】 - 独特的设计可自动调整任何尺寸或形状,紧凑,便于携带。 Hexgon 和 Spring Pin 的设计可以与零件紧密接触,不易滑动
  • 【应用范围】 – 适用于汽车工业、家庭维修、制造、建筑和其他行业,也受家庭装饰艺术 DIY 设计爱好者的青睐

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