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Led Clip Table Lamp, Charging Eye Lamp Bedside Dormitory Lamp USB College Student Desk Writing Lamp Table Lamp

#PRI279392 ភ្លើងអំពូលលើតុ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$11.00   $8.80 App Only

  • FLEXIBLE AND FOLDABLE STUDY LAMP: With 360°flexibility, the gooseneck lamp allows you to light up where you needed. It also can be folded into a small lamp so that it don't take up too much space when travel.
  • RECHARGEABLE DESK LAMP WITH USB PORT: Equipped with universal USB charging cable, so that you can charge this small desk lamp with USB adapter, power bank, desktop, laptop while lighting it up, saving time to wait.
  • EYE-CARING AND ENERGY SAVING LED LIGHT: Bright led glow, no flicker, no dark area, protect your eyes from fatigue.
  • 灵活且可折叠的研究灯:鹅颈灯具有360°的灵活性,可让您在需要的地方点亮。 它也可以折叠成一个小灯,这样在旅行时不会占用太多空间。
  • 带有USB端口的可充电桌面灯:配备通用USB充电线,这样您就可以在点亮它的同时使用USB适配器,移动电源,台式机,笔记本电脑为这款小台灯充电,从而节省等待时间。
  • 眼睛护理和节能LED灯:明亮的LED发光,没有闪烁,没有暗区,保护您的眼睛免受疲劳。

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