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Nail Studs Gems Sparkle Rhinestones Metal Rivets DIY 3D Nail Art Decoration(6 Boxes)

#ATB278863 ថែជើង ដៃ និង ក្រចក Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$11.00   $7.15 App Only

  • 1.SPARKLE GEMS - These diamante gems can serve as beautiful ornaments and will shine under the illumination of lights, which adds sparkle and glamour for your nails.
  • 2.VARIOUS STYLE - Delicate nails art decoration with various styles, colors and sizes, satisfy your different needs of nail art, give you plenty to choose.
  • 3.3D DECOR - These designs are raised up slightly from the surface of your nail, creating an especially eye-catching effect.
  • 4.METAL MATERIAL - The metal pieces proved to be slightly easier to apply and place into the exact position you wish, and they are a little easier to press down and set into the polish or glue that you use.
  • 5.PACKAGE LIST - 6 Boxes Gold Moon Star Metal Nail Studs 3D Nail Decoration.
  • 1.SPARKLE GEMS - 这些钻石宝石可以作为美丽的装饰品,在灯光照射下闪耀,为指甲增添光彩和魅力。
  • 2.VARIOUS STYLE - 精致的指甲艺术装饰,各种款式,颜色和尺寸,满足您对美甲的不同需求,给您足够的选择。
  • 3.3D DECOR - 这些设计从指甲表面略微抬起,营造出特别引人注目的效果。
  • 4.METAL MATERIAL - 金属片被证明更容易涂抹并放置到您想要的位置,并且它们更容易按下并放入您使用的抛光剂或胶水中。
  • 5.PACKAGE LIST - 6盒金月亮星金属指甲钉3D指甲装饰。

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