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Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad Stand with LED Cooler Fans , Adjustable Height , & Dual USB Port for 17 inch Laptops

#ELP278085 គ្រឿងបន្លាស់កុំព្យូទ័រយួរដៃ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$15.00   $11.25 App Only

  • · FITS UP TO 17 INCH LAPTOPS: The wide surface accommodates large gaming laptops and provides enough airflow for even the most intense gaming sessions
  • · 5 ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT SETTINGS: Select from 3 heights for a comfortable ergonomic gaming and working experience || Includes extra USB Port to plug in extra peripheral device
  • · 3 ULTRA QUIET OVERSIZED FANS: The surface of the radiator is made of ventilated metal mesh with three high-speed fans. The heat is fully cooled to cool the notebook.
  • · ADJUSTABLE FAN POWER AND LED BRIGHTNESS: Features an adjustable wheel that controls the power of the fans and LED lights. Increased lighting with increased fan power.
  • · Size:40.8*29.7*9.7cm
  • ·最多可容纳17英寸的笔记本电脑:宽大的表面可容纳大型游戏笔记本电脑,即使是最激烈的游戏,也可提供足够的气流
  • ·5个可调节高度设置:从3个高度中选择,以获得舒适的人体工程学游戏和工作体验|| 包括额外的USB端口以插入额外的外围设备
  • ·3个超静音超大风扇:散热器表面由通风金属网和三个高速风扇组成。 充分冷却热量以冷却笔记本电脑。
  • ·可调节的风扇功率和LED亮度:具有可调节的轮子,可控制风扇和LED灯的功率。 通过增加风扇功率增加照明。
  • ·尺寸:40.8 * 29.7 * 9.7cm

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