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ម៉ាស៊ីនដេរអគ្គីសនីដែលផលិតដោយដៃ​​​​ ម៉ាស៊ីនដេរអគ្គីសនីខ្នាតតូច

#SEE276350 ឧបករណ៍ធ្វើម៉ូតសក់ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$15.00   $10.50 App Only

  • Product packaging: color box
  • Product size: 21*6.5*3.5cm (including package size: 25*5*15cm)
  • Product material: ABS electronic components
  • Product weight: 300g {including color box}
  • product description:
  • Mini handheld sewing machine
  • * Can be used to sew hand-made products, sewing clothes, etc.
  • * Suitable for families, offices, hospitals, schools, etc.;
  • * Small and beautiful appearance, small footprint, simple and convenient to use;
  • * Operate with battery (AA 1.5Vx4) or AC/DC 6V 800MA transformer;
  •  Instructions for use:
  •     1. Install 4 AA batteries
  •     2. Standby: Hold the base with the four fingers of the right hand, and the thumb is naturally placed on the upper end of the fuselage to hold the whole machine smoothly.
  •     3. Threading: follow the instructions in the product description
  •     4. Place the cloth: Raise the pressure plate with your right index finger, place the fabric ready for sewing flat under the pressure plate, gently put back the pressure plate and press the fabric
  •     5. Sewing operation: Hold the fabric with the left hand, gently press the right thumb gently, and the feeding mechanism will automatically send the object to the left. The right hand of the machine will gradually move to the right, and the left hand cloth will be stitched with the sewing rhythm. Move to the left until the end of sewing
  •     6. This machine can automatically feed and adjust the tightness between the pins.
  •     7. Change the line group: If you change the large line group, you can connect the spare extension rod to the spool shaft, and insert the large line group. Then re-thread the thread and adjust the tension of the thread to make the sewing.
  •     8. Change the needle: Loosen the fixing screw, take out the broken needle, and install the new needle.
  • 产品包装:彩盒
  • 产品尺寸:21*6.5*3.5cm(含包装尺寸:25*5*15cm)
  • 产品材质:ABS 电子元件
  • 产品重量:300克{含彩盒}
  • 产品描述:
  • 迷你型手持缝纫机
  • * 可用于缝制手工制品,缝补衣服等物品的掉线处;
  • * 适用于家庭、办公室、医院,学校等等;
  • * 外型小巧美观,占用空间小,使用简洁方便;
  • * 使用电池(AA 1.5Vx4)或者AC/DC 6V 800MA 变压器操作;
  • 使用说明:
  • 1.装好4节AA电池
  • 2.待机:用右手四指托住机座,大拇指自然地放在机身上盖上端,平稳的握住整机.
  • 3.穿线:按产品说明之明细图指示操作
  • 4.放布:用右手食指抬起压板,将准备好待缝的织物平整放入压板下,轻轻放回压板压住织物
  • 5.缝纫操作:用左手持织物,右手大拇指轻轻地迅速地下压,送布机构自动将被缝物向左送出.持机右手逐渐右移,左手持布配合缝纫节 奏轻轻将被缝物向左方移动,直至缝纫结束
  • 6.本机能自动进布和调节针脚间的松紧.
  • 7.换线团:如换大线团,可将备用的接长杆与线筒轴连接,套入大线团.然后重新穿线,调整线的松紧后进行缝制.
  • 8.换针:松开固定螺丝,取出断针,装上新针即可.

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