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YIDELIYAN Tea Tree Single Pure Plant Essential Oil for Facial Acne Removal and Facial Oil Control

#AHI274795 សាប៊ូ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$11.11 App Only

  • 1. Clean the pore and repel the red swelling and acne.
  • 2. Essential oil penetrates deeply to soothe acne.
  • 3. Balance water and oil, double repair.
  • 4. Usage:
  • A. Direct sniffing: With the absorption of essential oil molecules, various effects can be achieved.
  • B. Steam: The aroma of essential oils is emitted by steam, and then various effects are achieved by breathing.
  • C. Fumigation: The use of incense appliances to heat the aromatic molecules of essential oils in the air;
  • D. spray: pour essential oils into distilled water to make sprays, and spray the room to create fragrance.
  • E. Massage: After blending essential oil and base oil, gently apply it to the face or body for massage.
  • 5. Use configuration:
  • It is suggested to add up to 4 drops of Massage Essential Oil in 10ML massage base oil during facial care.
  • 6. Warranty period: three years.
  • 7. Capacity: 10ml.
  • 1.净痘疏通毛孔,击退红肿痘痘.
  • 2.精油深入渗透,抚平痘痘.
  • 3.平衡水油,加倍修护.
  • 4.用途:
  • 直接嗅探:通过对精油分子的吸收,可以达到各种效果。
  • B.蒸汽:精油的香气是由蒸汽散发出来的,然后通过呼吸达到各种效果。
  • C.熏蒸:使用熏香器具加热空气中香精油的芳香分子;
  • 喷雾:将精油倒入蒸馏水中喷洒,并在房间喷洒以产生香味。
  • E.按摩:将精油和基础油混合后,轻轻涂抹在面部或身体上进行按摩。
  • 5.使用配置:
  • 面部护理时,建议在10毫升按摩基础油中加入4滴按摩精油
  • 6.保质期:三年.
  • 7.容量:10ml.

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