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5 In 1 Big Bead Maze Activity Montessori Learning Cube Kid Toys

#YEA273359 គ្រឿងក្មេងលេងបែបអប់រំ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$18.00   $11.52 App Only

  • Put Playtime and Learning into this Activities Cube Play Centre! This wonderful interactive activity learning cube includes Five fun different activities. One removable and reversible bead maze with beads for little hands. Each side has different activities,clock, fun gear, animals matching game, counting blocks, abacus and shape sorter.
  • This multi-functional expertly crafted learning cube entertains kids while improving hand-eye coordination and imagination, and encourage your child to recognise shapes, colours, and more as they develop fine motor and problem solving skills. This multi-dimensional activity cube has seven different fun games to keep your toddler engaged that are all part of an amazing journey of learning through play.
  • Multi-dimensional toys engage children into a variety of modes of play at once, encourages seamless transition between them, a vital process for growing minds! Young boys and girls will have tonnes of fun exploring each side of the cube. This activity Cube Centre there's so much for little toddler to do. Durable child safe paint finish and solid wood construction.
  • Package Dimension : 21 x 22 x 21cm
  • Product Dimension : 35 (H) x 22(W)cm
  • Weight : 1.2 kg
  • 把游戏时间和学习投入到这个活动的方块游戏中心!这个奇妙的互动活动学习立方体包括五个有趣的不同的活动。一个可移动和可逆的珠迷宫珠为小手。每一方都有不同的活动,时钟,有趣的装备,动物配对游戏,计数块,算盘和形状分类器。
  • 这个多功能的专业制作学习立方体娱乐孩子,同时提高手眼协调和想象力,并鼓励您的孩子认识形状,颜色,以及更多,因为他们发展良好的运动和解决问题的技能。这个多维度的活动立方体有七个不同的有趣的游戏,让您的孩子参与其中,都是通过玩一个惊人的学习旅程的一部分。
  • 多维玩具能让孩子们同时进入多种游戏模式,鼓励他们之间的无缝过渡,这对心智的成长至关重要!年轻的男孩和女孩将有吨的乐趣探索立方体的每一面。这个活动立方体中心有很多东西可以让小孩子做。耐用的儿童安全漆面和实木结构。
  • 包装尺寸:21 x 22 x 21厘米
  • 产品尺寸:35 (H) x22 (W)cm
  • 重量:1.2 kg

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