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YIDELIYAN Lavender Pure Plant Essential Oil Anti-acne, Desalination of Acne Printing and Sleeping Aid Base Oil

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  • 1. Essential oils have smaller molecules, which reach the bottom of the skin and improve the skin condition.
  • 2. Point-to-point stabilization and vigorous acne warfare, repairing acne marks;
  • 3. Put 1-2 drops on the pillow to improve sleep.
  • 4. Usage:
  • A. Direct sniffing: With the absorption of essential oil molecules, various effects can be achieved.
  • B. Steam: The aroma of essential oils is emitted by steam, and then various effects are achieved by breathing.
  • C. Fumigation: The use of incense appliances to heat the aromatic molecules of essential oils in the air;
  • D. spray: pour essential oils into distilled water to make sprays, and spray the room to create fragrance.
  • E. Massage: After blending essential oil and base oil, gently apply it to the face or body for massage.
  • 5. Use configuration:
  • It is suggested to add up to 4 drops of Massage Essential Oil in 10ML massage base oil during facial care.
  • 1.精油的分子更小,直达肌肤底层,改善肌肤状态;
  • 2.点对点稳准狠战痘,修护痘印;
  • 3.用1-2滴放在枕边,改善睡眠。
  • 4.使用方法:
  • A.直接吸嗅:藉由精油分子的吸收,可达到各类功效;
  • B.蒸汽:藉由水蒸汽让精油的香氛散发出来,再通过呼吸达到各类功效;
  • C.熏香:运用各熏香的器具,以加热使精油芳香分子散发于空气中;
  • D.喷雾:在蒸馏水里滴入精油制成喷雾剂,透过喷雾制造室内芬香。
  • E.按摩:在精油和基础油调和好后,轻轻涂抹于面部或身体进行按摩。
  • 5.使用配置量:
  • 建议在面部护理时10ML按摩基础油中最多加入4滴按摩精油;
  • 在身体护量时10ML按摩基础油中最多加入8滴按摩精油;

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