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Hot sale color thousand flowers glaze l Korean version of the sweet DIY elastic bracelet female wild

#SEE270585 កងដៃ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$8.00   $6.80 App Only

  • Glass is a symbol of personality, a spirit, and a realm. The crystal clear glass has placed people's good wishes.
  • The ancient glass is hand-made, not mass-produced. The color transition and bubbles are naturally formed, so the original glass can't be exactly the same color and shape.
  • 1. Green glaze - Peacekeeping Represents peace, life and happiness; it can relieve toothache and throat tracheal problems.
  •  2. Purple glaze - represents noble, elegant and progressive, can help the success of love and career, can be used as a sentiment or celebration.
  • 3. Transparent (white) colored glass - the Buddha's method is boundless, it is suitable for protecting the house, strengthening vitality and vitality, warding off evil, protecting the body, and not damaging the disease; the house is not poisonous. It is the source of happiness that can bring happiness to life.
  •  4. Blue glaze - can be lucky to bring happiness, peace and quiet
  • Persian glaze – representing bright, gentle and innovative; suitable for those who are struggling and eager to succeed.
  • 5. Purple and blue - the main in-depth communication, get along smoothly
  • 6. Purple and Green - Transforming the journey can improve your destiny to some extent.
  • 7. Amber and blue - representing a successful career and wealth.
  • 8. Amber and white - the official luck reminder has the noble temperament of the king, the main gathering wealth.
  • 9. Purple and white - is the representative of charm, expressing the pricelessness of love and the unforgettable love.
  • 琉璃是一种人格、一种精神、一种境界的象征。明澈的琉璃寄托了人们的美好心愿。
  • 古法琉璃是纯手工制作,而非批量生产,其中颜色过渡及气泡均是自然形成,因此正品琉璃不可能做到同款色彩和外形完全一模一样。
  • 1.绿色琉璃——保平安 代表和平、生命和幸福;可舒缓牙痛及喉咙气管方面的毛病。
  • 2.紫色琉璃——代表高贵、典雅和进步,可帮助爱情和事业的成功,可作为定情或庆功之用。
  • 3.透明(白)色琉璃——佛法无边,宜于护身护宅 ,加强活力和生命力,辟邪挡煞,护身,百病不侵;护宅,百毒不入。是能给生活带来幸福的快乐之源。
  • 4.蓝色琉璃——可聚福 能给人带来幸运,代表清新、宁静与舒适
  • 珀色琉璃——代表明亮、温和与创新;适合正在努力奋斗、渴望成功的人。
  •  5.紫色与蓝色——主深入交流,相处顺利
  • 6. 紫色与绿色——转化运程,能在一定程度上改善自己的命运。
  • 7.琥珀色和蓝色——代表事业有成、财运无边。
  • 8.琥珀色和白色——官运催财具有王者高贵的气质,主聚财。
  • 9.紫色与白色——是魅力的代表,表示感情的无价与爱情的刻骨铭心。

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