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8Pcs Essential Baby Healthcare And Grooming Kit Set Baby Hair Brush, Hair Comb, Nail Clipper, Round Head Scissors, Tweezers, Nose Cleaner, Thermometer, Measuring Dropping Device(pink)

#FSG267723 សំអិតសំអាងកូនតូច Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$6.20   $4.96 App Only

  • ★The health care Set provide every basic thing that you needed for your little one. Including baby hair brush, hair comb, nail clipper, round head scissors, tweezers, nose cleaner, thermometer, measuring dropping device.
  • ★Details specially designed for baby care - round-tip scissors, flexible electronic thermometer, soft nasal aspirator and baby safety nail scissors.
  • ★Each basic care kit is for any mother who needs family and the daily care of the child on the journey
  • ★All of the grooming set in a practical zipper pouch which easy to carry and manage.
  • ★High quality safe and perfect for newborn babies handy, colorful & lightweight.
  • ★医疗保健套装为您的小孩提供所需的一切基本用品。 包括婴儿毛刷,发梳,指甲刀,圆头剪,镊子,鼻子清洁器,温度计,测量滴落装置。
  • ★专为婴儿护理设计的细节 - 圆头剪刀,柔性电子温度计,软鼻吸气器和婴儿安全指甲剪。
  • ★每个基本护理套件适用于任何需要家人的母亲和旅途中孩子的日常护理
  • ★所有的梳理设置在一个实用的拉链袋,便于携带和管理。
  • ★高品质的安全和完美的新生婴儿方便,丰富多彩,轻巧。

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