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Professional Portable 2 in 1 - Curler & Straightener Hot Hair Curling Iron Wand Instant Heat DIY Hair Curler Waver Roller Maker Machine Ceramic Temperature Control (Red)

#FSG267720 ឧបករណ៍ធ្វើម៉ូតសក់ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$11.99   $10.79 App Only

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  • About the product
  • [2 In 1 CURLING & STRAIGHTENING IRON]: Can be used both as a hair curling iron and hair straightener, curl or straighten your hair easily .
  • [SAFETY FIRST]: Ceramic coating protects hair from over-heating and helps to change dull and lifeless hair into smooth and healthy stylish hair.
  • [INTELLIGENT CONSTANT TEMPERATURE]: High speed of heat up and Maintains a constant temperature of 190 degrees.Prevent excessive hair damage.
  • [PORTABLE SIZE]: Easy to operate and function well in use, portable size can be carried anywhere at your will.
  • [ERGONOMIC HANDLE]: Special handle enhances controlled styling and reduced fatigue and 360 degrees rotating tangle-free swivel cord makes it more convenient in use.
  • NOTE:
  • 1. do not use object curling iron, in order to avoid high temperature damage the internal circuit.
  • 2. in use and not resistant to high temperature shall not be put in combustible items.
  • 3. do not use into the bathroom, or any place with water and liquid, lest produce an electric shock or damage to the parts.
  • 4. curling iron should keep a safe distance with the skin, so as to avoid overheating burns.
  • 5. such as damage to the power cord and plug must by the manufacturer or maintenance department damage repair.
  • 6. after use should pull the plug, dry storage after cooling, do not put the power cord coil on the fuselage.
  • 关于产品
  • [2合1卷曲和矫直铁]:既可用作卷发器和直发器,也可轻松卷曲或拉直头发。
  • [安全第一]:陶瓷涂层可保护头发免受过热影响,有助于将无光泽和无生命的头发变成光滑健康的时尚头发。
  • [智能恒温]:高速加热,保持190度的恒温。防止过度的头发受损。
  • [便携式尺寸]:操作简单,使用方便,便携式尺寸可随意携带。
  • [符合人体手柄]:特殊手柄增强了受控造型和减少疲劳,360度旋转无缠绕旋转线使其使用更方便。
  • 注意:
  • 1.不要使用对象卷发器,以免高温损坏内部电路。
  • 2.在使用中且不耐高温的,不得放入易燃物品中。
  • 3.请勿在浴室或任何有水和液体的地方使用,以免触电或损坏部件。
  • 4.卷发器应与皮肤保持安全距离,以免烧伤过热。
  • 5.如电源线和插头损坏必须由制造商或维修部门损坏修理。
  • 6.使用后应拔下插头,冷却后干燥存放,不要将电源线圈放在机身上。

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