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5 in 1 Multi-Face Cleansing Brush - Waterproof Facial Brush, Electric Facial Exfoliator with 5 Brush Heads for Face & Body Deep Cleansing, Skin Care Massage, Gentle Exfoliating, Blackhead Removing

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  • ULTIMATE PORTABLE FACE & SKIN MASSAGER is the smart modern way to clean, exfoliate, and beautify your face and skin all over.Just a few minutes with this before bed makes skin healthy and younger looking. Proven to work with excellent results in just days.
  • 5 MULTI-FUNCTION HEADS including Rolling Massager to improve circulation and slow aging, Makeup Sponge to massage and clean skin, Soft Latex Sponge and Latex Brush for more beautiful eyes and cheeks, Exfoliation Accessory to gently remove rough, dead skin from feet, elbows, and elsewhere.
  • 2 SPEED MOTOR lets you perfectly adjust intensity for different cleaning and beautification needs. Use on LOW for daily cleaning, then HIGH for efficient and comfortable exfoliation. Takes the work out of keeping your face and skin clean and healthy.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ensures this will be your best bet for a pleasing no-risk purchase. Many people love this Massager so much they return to buy another for others in the family. It's skin enhancement and health abilities work for the whole family including men, women, and youth. This helpful technology makes a much appreciated gift for friends, family, and co-workers - anyone who wants to easily get more beautiful and healthy face and skin!
  • INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Open the battery cover and install the 2 x AA batterie (not included). 2. Clean entire face and neck or other areas. 3. Attach the soft sponge applicator to the massager. Apply cream onto forehead, cheeks, nose and chin or any other areas. 4. Switch on the massager and choose one of 2 modes, low or high. 5. Continue working at problem areas, wrinkles, congested areas. 6. When treatment is finished, switch off the unit.
  • Feature:
  • Come with 5 accessories:
  • Latex soft sponge: to cheek massaging.
  • Make -up sponge: to massage and clean your skin.
  • Soft Nylon Brush: Clean up all the scurf clings on skin
  • Natural Polishing Stone: Improve skin texture.
  • Crude Polishing Stone: Rip off tough skin.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Pink
  • 极致的便携式面部和皮肤按摩器是一种智能的现代化方式,可以清洁,去除角质,美化你的脸部和皮肤。只需几分钟就可以在睡前使皮肤健康,年轻。事实证明,在短短几天内就能取得优异成绩。
  • 5个多功能头,包括滚动按摩器,以改善血液循环和缓慢衰老,化妆海绵按摩和清洁皮肤,软乳胶海绵和乳胶刷,更美丽的眼睛和脸颊,去角质配件,轻轻去除脚,肘,粗糙,死皮,和其他地方。
  • 2 SPEED MOTOR可让您完美地调整强度,以满足不同的清洁和美化需求。使用LOW进行日常清洁,然后使用HIGH进行高效舒适的去角质。使工作不会让您的面部和皮肤保持清洁和健康。
  • 100%退款保证确保这是您购买愉快无风险的最佳选择。很多人都非常喜欢这款按摩器,所以他们又回来为家里的其他人购买另一款按摩器。它的皮肤增强和健康能力适用于整个家庭,包括男性,女性和青年。这项有用的技术为朋友,家人和同事提供了一个非常受欢迎的礼物 - 任何想要轻松获得更美丽和健康面部和皮肤的人!
  • 说明:1。打开电池盖并安装2 x AA电池(未附带)。 2.清洁整个面部和颈部或其他区域。 3.将软海绵涂抹器安装到按摩器上。在前额,脸颊,鼻子和下巴或任何其他区域涂上乳霜。 4.打开按摩器并选择2种模式中的一种,低或高。 5.继续在问题区域,皱纹,拥挤区域工作。 6.处理完成后,关闭设备。
  • 特征:
  • 配有5个配件:
  • 乳胶软海绵:按摩脸颊。
  • 化妆海绵:按摩和清洁皮肤。
  • 柔软的尼龙刷:清洁皮肤上的所有皮屑
  • 天然抛光石:改善肤质。
  • 粗抛石:撕掉坚韧的皮肤。
  • 材质:塑料
  • 颜色:粉色

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