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#AST267550 គ្រឿងក្មេងលេងបែបសិល្បៈ Selected by LITTLEFASHION

$3.15   $2.52 App Only

  • "Special Design:
  • >Premium clear Fidget Spinner with 3 colors(Red Blue Green) and 3 different shining model, total 27 combos. Press the botton to easily control the light
  • >LED Light with Button you can Free switch ,Because every hand spinner can glow 9 kinds of color,It not only can shine one color, but also can mix 9colors flashing.
  • You just need to change the color by the switch.
  • Upgraded Colorful Crystal LED Hand Spinner Tri Fidget Light Up 3 Modes
  • 2019 New Premium Clear LED Fidget Spinner: 3 colors(Red Blue Green) LED bulbs in every spinner, 3 different light models, total of 27 lighting effects. Press button can easily control the light effects. Very cool when it's shinning in the dark.
  • For Night Play, Parties, Concerts & Daytime, Focusing, Anti-stress, Creativity - Hybrid LED Fidget Spinner - Featuring a set of color and pattern changing LED spheres for those parties and night-time fun engagements and a set of extra high quality bearings to spin out all day!
  • No noise. 6 ball heads counterweight increase centripetal force and spin time. Easy to bring along and control, just 2.6 inches in diameter and 0.27lb (124 grams).
  • Great For Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, Quitting Bad Habits, Staying Awake On Long Car Drives, Etc. Perfect fidget toy to keep your hands busy or to just play with. It feels nice in the hands.
  • How to use it: Hold spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly with small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely. With practice you can spin it using one hand only with the fingers to start and stop spinning.
  • Package:
  • 1x Finger Toy "
  • 2019年新款Premium Clear LED Fidget Spinner:每种旋转器有3种颜色(红蓝绿)LED灯泡,3种不同的灯光模型,共27种灯光效果。按下按钮可以轻松控制灯光效果。当它在黑暗中闪耀时非常酷。
  • 适用于夜间游戏,派对,音乐会和白天,聚焦,抗压力,创造力 - 混合LED Fidget Spinner - 为那些聚会和夜间有趣的活动和一套超高质量的轴承提供一套颜色和图案更换LED球体整天都在旋转!
  • 无噪音。 6个球头配重增加向心力和旋转时间。易于携带和控制,直径2.6英寸和0.27磅(124克)。
  • 非常适合焦虑,注意力缺陷多动症,自闭症,戒烟习惯,长时间驾车保持清醒,等等。完美的玩具,让您的双手忙碌或只是玩耍。手上感觉很好。
  • 使用方法:用一只手握住旋转器,用另一只手快速旋转,连续轻微撞击,使其无限旋转。通过练习,你可以用一只手用手指旋转它,开始和停止旋转。
  • 1x手指玩具“

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